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default personal
Eric Leblond
configure: fix error hw timestamp check
This fixes #2469
  • build gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
  • debug gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
  • profiling: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Victor Julien
smb: use inspect API v2 for smb keywords
Simplies code and supports transforms.
Victor Julien
detect/pktvar: clean up keyword parsing
Pascal Delalande
doc: minor updates (tls custom, TODO removal, ftp/smb file rules)
Eric Leblond
doc: add lua directory to Makefile
Victor Julien
doc: fix json formatting in smb doc
Richard Sailer
lua output doc: Use more descriptive variable names in the examples
This also removes the "args" parameter of the hooking functions in the examples,
since this parameter is unused in all functions.
It would not be very helpful anyways since 3 of the 4 functions don't get passed
any parameters. The only exception is init() which gets a table containing:
  script_api_ver = 1
Maurizio Abba
detect: fix buffer length to uint32
There is a difference in the size of the buffer length as passed from
the content buffers (cfr HttpReassembledBody.buffer_len) and the buflen
variable passed to mpm primitives. This can cause a misdetection
whenever the bufferlen is multiple of 65536 (as uint16(X*65536) == 0).
Increasing the buflen variable type to uint32 solves the issue (this
does not cause any issue with primitives, they all accept uint32).
Victor Julien
nfs4: parse GSSAPI init
Victor Julien
flow: track flow for ICMP
Change packet layout to allow for expected counterpart type.
Giuseppe Longo
detect-engine: free events
Events are stored in a detection engine but actually
they are not freed.
Victor Julien
nfs4: create link support
Victor Julien
gcc8: fix format truncation warnings
  • build gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
  • debug gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
  • profiling: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Victor Julien
eve/netflow: only log response record if we've seen response pkts
Victor Julien
doc: add ntlmssp, kerberos and other setup fields
Victor Julien
flow: track flow for ip proto 41
Victor Julien
configure: fix small issue with libevent check
Victor Julien
decode/ipv6: expose addr as 'struct in6_addr' as well
Victor Julien
nfs/rpc: add parser for GSSAPI Integrity records
Victor Julien
nfs4: support records wrapped in GSSAPI integrity
Victor Julien
unified2: address strict aliasing issue
Victor Julien
file_data/http: inspect cleanup
Richard Sailer
lua output: Update example script to match style of user doc examples
Victor Julien
nfs4: fix attr parsing corner case
Victor Julien
doc/lua: small update to the usage intro
Victor Julien
mingw: minor compile warning fixes
Victor Julien
nfs4: implement COMMIT parsing and handling
Victor Julien
mpm/hs: fix minor coverity warning
CID 1428797 (#1 of 1): Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
    check_return: Calling HashTableAdd without checking return value
    (as is done elsewhere 5 out of 6 times).
Richard Sailer
lua output doc: Add explaining introduction text
Victor Julien
files: properly close files on flow timeout
If a file transfer stops on flow timeout, it won't be closed or
truncated. This patch makes sure that in such cases the files
are indeed truncated. This fixes the filestore-v2 output module,
as that requires a sha256 for storing the partial file correctly.
  • build koobs-freebsd10: 'make' failed -  stdio
Victor Julien
output: fix logging wrong direction in tls upgrade
When upgrading to TLS from HTTP logging of the final HTTP tx could
have the wrong direction. This was due to the original packet triggering/
finalizing the upgrade would be used as the base for both the toserver
and toclient pseudo packet meaning it was wrong in one direction.

This patch creates a pseudo packet in the same way as the flow timeout
code does, so it no longer takes the raw original packet in.

Bug #2430
Eric Leblond
doc: document lua TLS functions
Giuseppe Longo
tests/detect-engine-hsbd: deinit det_ctx threads
Eric Leblond
doc: document lua function about flow var
Eric Leblond
app-layer-ftp: fill direction of transfer
This is required to return the file when asked with one direction.
Eric Leblond
stream-tcp: fix stream depth computation
The stream depth computation was partly done with the stream_config
depth instead of using the value in the TCP session. As a result,
some configuration were resulting in abnormal behavior.

In particular, when stream depth was 0 and the file store depth was
not 0, Suricata was stopping the streaming on the flow as soon as
the filestore was started.

Reported-by: Pascal Delalande <pdl35@free.fr>
Alexander Gozman
Print syslog format with SCLogDebug() instead of printf()
Eric Leblond
file: update logger API to log direction
By adding the flow direction to the logger we can have an accurate
logging of fileinfo events that has source and destination IP
correctly set.
Eric Leblond
doc: add a lua support top level section
Both output and signature are using lua. So lua functions should
be displayed in a single section.
Victor Julien
nfs4: initial implementation
Implements record parsing and file extraction for READs and WRITEs.

Defines all types from RFC 7530.